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Stocked Bricks

53 DD

Very popular red brick with slight color variations. These bricks have a soft hand-made look that gives the warm brick feel. They look great as a walkway or patio. Available in paver size and modular size.

Danish Molded

Handmade look to these paver bricks! The faces have a smooth sand finish with great color contrast and variation. Available in paver and modular sizes. They are very popular with the seasoned professional.

Market Street

These paver size bricks have the look of old, used brick in a new brick! They have a slight distressed/ mortared look to them. They are very popular with restorations and replications.

Old Glory

Antiqued look to these brick, they are available in paver, modular and cored, for a great variety of uses, made locally

Red-Flashed Paver-TK Sewer-Red Modular-Red Flash Modular-Cored Modular Bricks-Firebrick

These bricks are made right here in Phoenixville!! Various finishes, colors and sizes available!!

Call to check availability of Red-Paver Brick and Modular brick.

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