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Full Color Flagstone

Chester County Flagstone

This is one of our most popular sellers! Irregular shapes, with a consistant 1 1/2" - 2 " thickness. Used for patios, walk ways, pool copings and walls. Brown, red, charcoal and tan colors throughout. Sold here by the ton. You can hand pick from our bulk pile, whether you need 6 pieces or 6 tons, we have it!.

Natural Flagstone

Flagstone with a natural cleft on the face, the thickness may vary, but comes in both 1" and 1.5". We have both in stock and ready for you to hand pick. Delivery is also available!

Full Color Thermal Flagstone

Thermal Flagstone thats been flamed on all sides to make it smooth, with consistant thickness. Full color thermal flagstone is prefect for walkways and patios. Available in 1" & 1 1/2" thickness.

Irregular Full-Color Flagstone Natural Cleft

Irregular flagstone is a Natural looking flagstone in irregular shaped pieces, looks great with grass inbetween or mortar. With irregular flagstone you can create your own one of a kind style and pattern.

Oversized Natural and Thermal Flagstone

At Stony Run Supply we keep a huge inventory in all Flagstone, including oversized Natural and oversized Blue Thermal Flagstone ready for your inspections and delivery!

True Blue natural and thermal flagstone available in any thickness upon request! Call for availablity, and remember, we also custom fabricate to fit your project!