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Wall Stone

Chester County Wall Stones

New Item! 4"-6"Chester county wall stone, matches our chester county flag stone. Sold by weight

Colonial Wall Stone

This wall stone is incredibly user friendly! Flat stones with crisp edges, stack easily to build stone walls. Color range is blue/grey, available in 1"-3" thickness and 2"-4", in full size and 1/4 size pallets.

Colonial Grey Wall Stone

Very consistant, very easy to dry stack!

Salmon Ridge Wall Stone

Boasts subtle ribbons of buff, pink, charcoal and tan. Compliment any home or business with this popluar stone. Available in full and 1/4 size pallets.

Tumbled Blue Wall Stone

These smooth, flat stones look great stacked in walls, and laid flat around pools and ponds, they are so soft on bare feet. Available in full size pallets.

Pocono Wall Stone

These earth tones of tan/brown and purple are a local favorite. Easy to install, this color blend will complete any landscape or job.

If your looking to do your own project and want to hand pick every stone, com'on down. Need some experienced advice, we can help. Need a seasoned pro to hire, we know the best in the area. Come visit and see for yourself!